Partner Services

Our model is made possible through key partnerships with not-for-profit organizations and government agencies. If your mission is similar to ours, or you feel a strategic partnership may enhance services to our community, please contact

We host a free tax-return service with the help of our partners, AARP during tax season. If you are working, you can also apply for the Earned Income Tax Credit.

We refer low-income people and seniors to Goddard Riverside’s community programs on the Upper West Side.

We refer our clients from Northern Manhattan to Columbia University’s Headstart program, which focuses on building parent/child relationships and fostering child development.

An onsite counselor offers free financial counseling and help with opening a bank account, budgeting, identity theft, credit reports, and home ownership.

We refer clients to the Dominican Women’s Development Center in cases of a domestic violence crisis.

In partnership with Hunger Free NYC, we host on site advocacy and leadership development trainings, which prepare our customers to become stakeholders in the advocacy process of anti-hunger policies at the city, state, and federal levels.