For over two decades WSCAH’s Turkey Challenge has been providing turkeys and healthy holidays food so that every family can enjoy a Thanksgiving Holiday meal together.

How does the Turkey Challenge work?

The Turkey Challenge is an online peer-to-peer fundraising effort to support WSCAH’s holiday food distributions throughout November. Donated funds support the purchasing and distribution of turkeys and healthy holiday foods to New Yorkers in need.

What is our goal?

Last year this community came together in a truly extraordinary fashion. Together, we provided turkeys to 5,000 of our friends and neighbors in need. This year, we are aiming higher and hope you will join us. We want to provide turkeys and holiday foods to 7,000 families.

How can you support?

  • Start a personal fundraising page here – it’s fast and easy. We’ve included some text to get you started, but please make it your own. Peer to Peer fundraising works the best when it’s personal.
  • Set a goal! We hope that our volunteers can raise enough for 2,000 turkeys in November. Can you raise 100? 200? 
  • Reach out to your networks and encourage them to donate and spread the word about the Turkey Challenge! Tell them why helping families gather for the holidays is important to you. Posting to social media is great – but the strongest appeal will be a direct one. An email that explains why providing holiday meals and supporting WSCAH is important to you will go a long way towards bringing in support. 
  • Amplify WSCAH’s message! Repost and forward our social media posts and emails throughout November.