Individual Volunteers


We appreciate the vital support individual volunteers provide to our various programs. Last year, close to 800 volunteers generously donated over 22,000 hours of assistance that enabled us to serve 20,546 individuals with a myriad of services. We are always seeking committed and passionate volunteers to learn about our work, food insecurity in our city, and to help meet the needs of our programs.

Due to the amount of volunteer applications we receive, we process applications once every 2 to 3 weeks.

We have a great need for volunteers who can serve at our 86th Street location during the 7 AM to 9 AM shift and for volunteers who can serve at our Mobile Market locations. If you are able to serve at these times and locations, we can process your application more quickly.

WSCAH has four different program areas that require volunteer support: the 86th Street Market, Clothing Closet, WSCAH Kitchen, and Mobile Market.

To serve as a WSCAH volunteer, you must:

  1. Review the Volunteer Overview that details the requirements and expectations of all WSCAH volunteers and the responsibilities of volunteers in each program area. (Haga aqui por la resumen del voluntario.)
  2. Then, complete this Google Form to submit the necessary information to the Volunteer Coordinator. (Haga aqui por la solicitud de voluntario.)
  3. If your availability and abilities fit our program needs, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you within two weeks of your submission for a brief interview.
  4. After the interview, the Volunteer Coordinator will coordinate a time for you to come in for a brief orientation and trial shift.
  5. Once you complete these steps, you will be added to the volunteer schedule!

Have any questions about the available opportunities or intake process? Please contact our Development and Volunteer Coordinator, Ryan Fajardo, at or at (646) 284-8927.