Staff & Board of Directors

Greg Silverman CEO and Executive Director [email protected]
John LeBreton Chief Financial and People Officer [email protected]
Alyson (Abrami) Rosenthal Chief Program Officer [email protected]
Rachel Laibson Chief Development and Communications Officer [email protected]
Stephanie Moshier Director of Partnerships and Community Engagement [email protected]
Rebecca Solheim Director of Donor Engagement & Capital Campaign [email protected]
Ana Semetis Senior Accounting Manager [email protected]
Jessica Sano Finance and Business Manager [email protected]
Brooke Sunshine Communications Manager [email protected]
Kira Garfinkel Development Manager [email protected]
Chenoa Evans Volunteer Engagement Manager [email protected]
Isabela Colmenares Development & Communications Coordinator [email protected]
Ivanna Dominguez People, Finance, and Facilities Coordinator [email protected]
Johana Aybar Receptionist & Office Coordinator [email protected]
Delilah Guzman Senior Benefits Access Specialist [email protected]
Erica De Jesus Benefits Access Specialist [email protected]
Dafne Garcia Benefits Access Specialist [email protected]
Lazaro Merino Benefits Access Specialist & NOEP Coordinator [email protected]
Amilka Diaz Customer Support Specialist [email protected]
Jonathan Nina Director of Warehouse and Food Operations [email protected]
Pedro Castillo Food Operations Manager [email protected]
Carolina Cortes-Rivera Digital Food Choice Program Manager [email protected]
Steven Yee Food Operations & Volunteer Coordinator [email protected]
Haydeth Tavira Stock Manager and Operations Assistant [email protected]
Yoel Peralta Market Operations Assistant [email protected]
Pedro Aguilar Mobile Market Driver and Operations [email protected]
Juan Olaya Mobile Market Driver and Operations [email protected]
Idaury Peralta Mobile Market Driver and Operations [email protected]
Andre Barnes Maintenance and Janitorial Assistant

Board of Directors

  • Steve Aresty
  • Joseph Brusco
  • Chris Gill
  • David Goldberg
  • Michael Goldfarb
  • Jacob Hadjigeorgis
  • Robyn Huffman, Chair
  • Maria Lizardo
  • Rev. James Karpen
  • Ramona Nivar
  • Melissa Manne
  • Susan McLaughlin, Vice Chair
  • Lisa Miles-Boyce, Vice Chair
  • Steve Rogers
  • David Rose, Treasurer
  • Beth Rubin, Secretary
  • Martina Santos
  • Doug Satzman
  • Dava Schub
  • Karen Sonet-Rosenthal
  • Andrew Tomback
  • Takisia Whites

Advisory Board

  • Wolf Hengst
  • Eden Kidner
  • Sarah Kovner
  • Hannah Lupien
  • Liz Neumark
  • Julia Reidhead
  • Rabbi Joanna Samuels
  • Susan Savel
  • Nancy Solomon
  • Jessica Weber