Food Donations


In addition to financial support, we accept donations of food, 7 am – 1 pm, Monday thru Friday. Please note that cash donations allow us to buy wholesale and our dollars go 3x further than yours when purchasing for WSCAH.

We request that donations of food, whether from individuals or food drives, contain healthy, nutritional food items. We do not accept or distribute highly processed, high-salt, or high-sugar foods, including sugary cereals, most canned soups, and boxed or canned prepared foods, such as macaroni and cheese, meat stews, or beefaroni-like products. We also do not accept or distribute expired or damaged foods. Please check the labels before making your donation.

Food drives for West Side Campaign Against Hunger can be a great opportunity for a class or family to learn more about food insecurity and the importance of expanding access to healthy food.

Food that WSCAH Accepts for Donation:

  • Canned fruit, packed in juice or water
  • Applesauce, no sugar added
  • Dried fruit, no sugar added
  • Canned vegetables, low sodium
  • Spaghetti sauce, low sodium
  • Dried beans
  • Canned beans, low sodium
  • Canned chicken, low sodium in water
  • Canned fish, packed in water (Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines)
  • Peanut Butter or bagged nuts or seeds
  • Rice, brown or white
  • Pasta, whole grain, or white
  • Hot cereal (Oatmeal, Cream of wheat, Grits)
  • Cold cereal (Bran flakes, Cheerios, other low-sugar, high-fiber options)
  • Bread, 100% whole wheat
  • Milk, boxed or shelf-stable, low-fat

DO: Give generously. Give foods you would serve to your family.
DON’T: Give anything expired, open, or damaged. Give something you wouldn’t eat.

To organize a food drive on behalf of WSCAH please contact Kira Garfinkel: [email protected] Feel free to use this flyer to advertise to your networks!