WSCAH Online Ordering

Hello! This page describes the food packages you can order with West Side Campaign Against Hunger online ordering.

If you’re reading this page, then you’ve registered to pick up a food package from one of WSCAH’s partner locations. This page is meant to help guide your choice. All food pictured is for example only, the actual contents of your package may vary.

For more information about pickup times, locations, and procedures, please contact your partner location. 

Each of our food packages includes a mix of fruits and vegetables, vegetarian or meat protein, milk or nondairy milk, and grains, similar to this picture. Food packages are sized for 3 people with a 4 day supply of food. 

You’ll get to choose between all fresh vegetables or a mix of fresh and canned vegetables, similar to the choices in these pictures.

Fresh veg components

Mixed veg components

Fresh fruits components

Mixed fruit components








You’ll also get to choose between a vegetarian/vegan bundle, including vegetarian protein and non-dairy milk, or standard protein, including mixed vegetarian and meat protein and regular milk. 

Vegetarian protein and non-dairy milk

Mixed protein and regular milk









You’ll also get a set of white and whole grain staples, such as white or brown rice, regular or whole grain pasta, and white or whole-wheat bread.  

For more information about our food program, please contact us at 646-951-0438 or [email protected]