Chef Gregory Silverman

CEO and Executive Director

West Side Campaign Against Hunger (WSCAH)

Over the past 20 years, Chef Greg Silverman has led impactful work in the food security sector. As CEO and Executive Director at West Side Campaign Against Hunger (WSCAH), the organization has expanded its direct efforts from one site to over two dozen, from an organization that gave out 10% fresh produce to one that gives out 50% fresh produce, from serving less than 20,000 customers to more than 70,000.  Under Greg’s guidance in 2018, WSCAH founded the Roundtable: Allies for Food Access – a dedicated network of eight emergency food providers collaborating to bring more resources to communities through collective food purchasing.

Previously, Greg served as the Director of National Program Partnerships for Share Our Strength and its No Kid Hungry Campaign where he led the growth of the Cooking Matters nutrition education platform across all 50 states. Greg worked in London, England as a nutrition education specialist for the city government, as a food consultant for public sector organizations, and as a successful chef and owner of multiple restaurants in Ithaca, New York. He also spent time as a US Peace Corps volunteer in Mali. 

Greg was appointed co-chair of Mayor Eric Adams’ Food Policy transition committee. He serves on the Board of Directors of Farm Africa and is a founding board member of the Alliance for a Hunger Free New York.

Greg has an MSc in Food and Nutrition Policy from the City University of London. He loves spending time cycling the streets of NYC, making food with family and friends, and cooking up change with communities across the globe. Greg lives in Washington Heights with his wife, Lauren, and their two daughters.

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